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Are you hungry to learn real life skills? Do you know what to expect when you go off to college, start your first job or move out of your parents’ house? Do you know what to wear to an interview, how to eat healthy on a budget or how to simply survive without going broke?

Relax. NEXT STEP LIVE! prepares you for it ALL! Brought to you by Next Step Academy (www.NextStepAcademy.com), this interactive event is designed to teach you critical life skills in a fun and interactive way. In fact, NEXT STEP LIVE! is nothing like going to school – it’s FUN! We want you to bring your phones so that you can Tweet, text, play games and post to Facebook (seriously), all while learning everything you wish you knew but no one ever told you…until now! When the day is done, you’ll be on your way to finding success in both your personal and professional life.

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Cool tracks you NEED to attend:

    • Financial: Learn about spending, saving, credit and more.
    • Street Smarts: How to deal with different personalities, people and situations.
    • Professional: What to expect when working in an office, how to become a leader and an entrepreneur.
    • College Prep: Finding the right school, the right major and how to pay for it all.
    • Resume Writing: Hear what employers want to see on your resume and what will separate you from other applicants.
    • Healthy Living: Fitness, dorm room cooking, mental health and eating right.

DISCLAIMER: You will make new friends, have access to coaches, join networking groups, preview the hottest college trends and hear from young adults fresh out of school who have already succeeded in the post-college world.

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